Reserve Pinot Noir, CA

Reserve Pinot Noir, CA

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Monterey, California



The wine region of Monterey lies just inland from California's magnificent central coastline. The waters of the Pacific crash into rugged seaside cliffs which form the base of the Santa Lucia mountains that rise above the clear blue waters. Just beyond the mountains lies the vast Salinas Valley. Here, Pinot Noir thrives on the hills and rocky outcrops overlooking the valley. 

During the day, the bright sunshine radiates on the vines ripening them to perfection. But at night, the cool ocean air prevents the berries from getting too ripe too fast, thus preserving Pinot Noir's inherent freshness. Mornings are often marked by the arrival of a sweeping blanket of fog which extends cooler temperatures well into the late morning. 

These special conditions create a one-of-a-kind environment for Pinot Noir. The wines made here feature the grape's abundance of red berry fruit aromas, and also its more nuanced flavors of earth, minerals and spice. 


Tasting Notes

If you are on a mission for drop dead Pinot Noir than you've found it. Fresh and full-bodied, this wine presents the best of both worlds. Mix in generous flavors of black cherries, plums and sweet spice and now you've got it made. A fruit-forward California Pinot, the way it was meant to be.